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Turn Off Microphone Iphone Facebook. To control which apps have access to your iphone's microphone: I am not aware of a setting to disable this.

How To Disable Voice Control On Your iPhone macReports
How To Disable Voice Control On Your iPhone macReports from

In the settings, tap “privacy.”. Click on the recording tab and select your microphone (i.e., headset mic, internal mic, etc.) click properties. So, if you are interested to learn how to disable the microphone’s access, here are the steps.

Once You Have This Information, You Can Make More Informed Decisions About Allowing This Access.

To remove an existing exception or permission: If you don’t see messenger in the microphone section, it means that you haven’t given it access. On iphone (ios 9) go to the settings app;

You Can Only Use That For Imessage.

Here's how to turn off the microphone in apps. Smart phones — android and iphone. Launch the settings app on your iphone or ipad.

Click On The Recording Tab And Select Your Microphone (I.e., Headset Mic, Internal Mic, Etc.) Click Properties.

For iphone owners, go to settings > privacy > microphone > facebook/messenger and disable the microphone. You should turn off your cell phone microphone permissions for any apps that don’t need to listen to you. Importantly, apps will now have had to ask you to use your microphone.

How To Turn Off The Microphone For Safari If You Use Facebook's Mobile Website If You Use Facebook Through Safari On Your Iphone, Instead Of The Official Facebook App (Or Maybe In Addition To It), You Might Consider Turning Off The Microphone And Camera For Safari.

To control which apps have access to your iphone's microphone: Open the settings app and head to the facebook settings page. Toggle off any apps you'd like to stop from using the mic.

So What If You Want To Block Facebook Or Another App's Access To Your Mic?

Open settings > personal > privacy and safety > app permissions > microphone. Turn on or off ask before accessing. The procedure is valid for any application that uses the microphone as the aforementioned facebook messenger or following ok google.

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