How To Delete Workout Data On Apple Watch

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How To Delete Workout Data On Apple Watch. In the apps section select the app of data you wish to delete, there should be an option to delete all data or a tab where you can select which data you wish to delete. How to delete a workout on apple watch 7.

How to delete a workout on Apple Watch? Candid.Technology
How to delete a workout on Apple Watch? Candid.Technology from

Workouts (tab) > swipe left on a workout to delete it. Tap reset on the general screen. You should go to the activity app and the workouts tab and delete the associated workout from there (and i think it’ll give an option to also delete health data).

On Your Iphone, Press Home.

Data not transferring between watch and iphone. Tap general on my watch screen. If you have an apple watch with a cellular plan, you’re offered two options—erase all and erase all & keep plan.

If Your Apple Watch Workouts Are Being Relayed Over To Your Iphone, The Data Is Being Stored In The Health Application As Well.

Now you can customize your workouts list to your heart's content. For either scenario, you can manually delete “exercise minutes” in the apple health app, which will also update your apple watch. Go to the summary tab.

You Can't Do This From Your Apple Watch;

And unfortunately, even when you restore your watch from a backup, the health app does not consolidate that data into a single apple watch entry. On the home screen tap apple watch. The calendar data and the contact data will then sync again from scratch.

And Just For Anyone Who Doesn’t Already Know, There Are A Ton Of Other Workouts You Can Add To The List By Scrolling To The Bottom And Tapping ‘Add Workout’ 🙂 14 Comments.

In the health app, go to browse > activity > workouts and tap add data (top right). To delete an apple watch workout from fitness app on iphone, open fitness app > workouts > show more > hold and swipe left the workout you want to delete. There is a little known feature in the workout app in apple watch whereby you can create segments of your workout, akin to stages or splits, simply by double tapping on the workout screen of the watch while the app is running.

Click Show All Data 2.

Repeat the process and select resume to continue the workout. Streaks creates custom workouts that last 6, 12, 18, or 30 minutes. This is important because if you sell the watch for parts, a refurbisher can erase the watch data themselves once it’s been repaired so it can be used by a new owner.

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