The Meaning of family

There are many ways to describe a family, but one that comes in mind at the first though is people with blood relations. Such relations include parents, siblings, extended family members like aunts, uncles among the few. There is also a different approach to the word family which may not necessarily have anything to do with blood relations but a tight bond formed over years of friendship. Family members also include people with no relationship with blood, they can be adopted by the family. Everyone needs a family because they are mainly the people who will stand by you when the situation is bleak.

A family bond is never easy

A family bond is never easy to break especially one formed by blood. Having a sister, brother, mother, father or even your step-siblings means that you have people who are with you for life. There is no way to break away from that bond no matter how annoyed or angry you might be. Parents are a symbol of unconditional love, and some parents live up to that. There are few instances where the family bond is broken through betrayal, and that kind of betrayal stings more than being betrayed by a close friend. Adopted kids should be treated as part of the family by giving them equal love and opportunities like the rest of the kids.

The Meaning of family

The extended family form a big part of the family too. They may from either the mother’s or the father’s side, but relatives form a fundamental part in everyone’s lives when growing up. Relatives include aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, grandchildren, and are part of the extended family unit. Having a get together once in a while is important for everyone to know and interact with once in a while. Relations can open doors for you, and you may get opportunities that you may have missed out if you didn’t keep the bond stronger. Family is all about helping out, listening, loving, protecting, guiding all members in the unit. Families that have mastered the art of sticking together through thick and thin have come to be extremely successful in their endeavors.

There is another type of family that is formed through years of brotherhood or sisterhood. Humans are social beings which means that they cannot go on with their lives without interacting with others. When growing up, it is inevitable for us to form close bonds with friends who turn to become even closer than siblings or relatives. In short, these are friends who become family, and it is not wrong to include them as a part of the family.

Pets are part of the families because of the bond that is created over time. Children can play around with them while growing up while adults can cuddle with them too. The nannies and workers who have stayed with us since when we were young are with time integrated to be part our families too. As much as family entails blood relations, we cannot erase the fact that it is so much more than that.