FAMILY:- Life Source

Living beings are the most intelligent creatures on this world, and they are running behind the money to satisfy their needs. Lack of jobs and competition are responsible for the unemployment, poverty, along with insecurity of jobs. Humans are more conscious toward their jobs because of high competition between the people. Each living being is trying to give a perfect output by devoting more time to the job rather than family. This activity is breaking the love bond between the family members as they are forgetting their responsibilities.

Family is the most important part of life as it provides support and help in every condition. Love and support are the two things that are not provided by anyone else rather than household members. Suppose, you are feeling helplessness in a condition so you do not take any decision of your life. At that time, your family members are your only supporters as they provide confidence along with support to face any problem. There are numerous critical conditions in which a living being does not take a right decision as he/she requires an advisor. Parents are the best advisors as they have the experience of everything.

Money cannot be superior to family

Experience of parents is a perfect solution of every problem that is not found anywhere else. Their advice gives a direction to a human like a magnet that helps you find a correct path in the dense forest when you cannot find an exact path. Blessing is the best remedy that enhances your potential along with confidence. Big brother is like a pillar that protects you in every condition. Suppose, you do not have an answer of a question so you can get the accurate answer from your brother. Wife is the appropriate supporter that used to support you even in worse conditions because of the love.

Money cannot be superior to family because a human needs the support along with love and care which cannot be purchased by money. Family is the real money as it never leaves you alone in a thunderstorm. An individual shares an emotional attachment and love bond with the family that enhance the thinking power including mental condition. Anything can be purchased from money but relationships cannot be purchased as they are earned by a creature. Depression occurs only in those individuals who do not have any person to share the emotions and feelings.

FAMILY:- Life Source

Earning cannot buy a true friend including family members who only care about the happiness not the money. Success reaches to you along with the fame if you have a supportive group of living beings. Kids are the energy booster of a family as they rise the level of energy and excitement when you are tired or feeling down. Boredom is a common thing among the population as families are getting shorter, and happiness is disappearing from life. Household members provide the comfort including satisfaction that is not provided by anyone else.

The closeness of a family is responsible for a good health and longer life span. It is true that family is most important than money.