Factors Limiting The Growth of Family Meals

Family meals before was full of fun-fare, merriment, excitements and lasting pleasure. It is a meal that boost the love as well as a strong unity of several idea family cycles. But many factors had really changed family lifestyle which include meal, marriage, fun etc. These factors that had lowered the rate of family meals are: social media, economic hard-times, new norms, lack of cultural transfer, teenage pleasure in addition to change of tastes.

The use of social media in the modern way of living had declined regular family meals. With Facebook, Twitter, telegrams, whatsapp, hangout, people don’t have the passion of old to engage in the family meals because the individual feels the desire to be current to the trending news. Studies show that using social media in our daily living is causing physical family separation to be widened which in turn had bad effect on family meals pattern. Virtually seen on screen but not present to engage in dinning with other members of the family when they are eating is one of the bad effects of social media.

Ineffective regular transfer of culture also

Economic hard-times caused by loss of jobs, high inflation, close of businesses etc. This is a problem limiting old function of family meals. Many households are finding it hard to meet-up with their daily expenses like feeding on expensive meals. There is a gradual departing from the old norms, new norms happening around is a declining factor of family meals. Norms like value, belief, fashion, separation of families, marriage changes, types of food as well as desire of individuals are really changing.

Ineffective regular transfer of culture also decreases family meals, family dinner is a function and inherited tradition of households, most parents are not counting it important to transfer the culture of family meals to their children. Family dinning is a point of choice rather than right. Teenage pleasure is totally different from their parents, young adults prefer partying with their friends, colleagues, peers rather than engaging in regular family dinners. Most teenagers choose picnic with others either from their schools or several campuses to express themselves more than their family dinners.

Factors Limiting The Growth of Family Meals

Change of tastes by trying something entirely different is also a factor decreasing family dinners. Some family members sometimes look forward into trying some new tastes by eating in the public rather than at home. Trouble of family separation is a big threat to the existence of regular family dinner. Families that are single parents usually find it hard to meet up with high cost of family meals. Meeting family needs are tasking and somehow difficult as a result of increasing social pressure. Misunderstanding among parents in the household is a negative factor against family dinner. When elders in the family are not in good talking terms, this would not encourage plan for frequent family dinner.

All these factors are making family meals to be different from the usual lifestyle of the former. There is still a high degree of decline in family meals systems. Nevertheless, the practice of family meal is a sweet culture with enriching benefits that have a scope of uniting the family love and progress.