Best Genshin Impact Teams With Kazuha

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Best Genshin Impact Teams With Kazuha. is a database and. is not affiliated with or endorsed by mihoyo.

Top Builds for Kazuha in Genshin Impact Xfire
Top Builds for Kazuha in Genshin Impact Xfire from

My only weakness is cryo slimes timeline below 0:00 intro 0:14 video overview 0:40 perma. Maple monogatari 【 unlocked at c3 】 © 2021 more links

You Should Learn How Elements Complement Each Other And Build The Best Team For Your Main.

© 2021 more links When you play genshin impact everything depends not only on your main character but also on the composition. Dps & support | genshin impact.

The Best Team Compositions To Pair With Ayaka Moreover, If Enemies Were Affected By Cryo, Electro, Or Hydro, Kazuha's Swirls Will Keep Those Elements Rotating Between Enemies.

It was released for microsoft windows, playstation 4, android, and ios on september. Kazuha support team comps can boost elemental damage of other characters to absurd level. In addition to dodging enemies, kazuha’s elemental skill has a strong crowd control can pull enemies and collect them under kazuha before he unleashes his devastating plunging attack. Is A Database And Tier List For The Genshin Impact Game For Pc, Switch, Playstation 4, And Mobile Game App On Ios And Android.

The autumn whirlwind field created by kazuha slash has the following effects: Kazuha + raiden shogun + kujou sara + bennett. Best team composition for kazuha.

To Wrap Things Up, Kazuha Is A Very Solid Addition To Genshin Impact.

Subscribe for weekly genshin impact content here are 4 teams that you should try on kazuha! He also works in freeze teams (unlike sucrose whose em sharing is useless there) and in ganyu melt teams. Below you can see the best team composition for kaedehara kazuha with main dps, sub dps and support characters.

Maple Monogatari 【 Unlocked At C3 】

In the first team shown in this guide,the main dps is still raiden raiden shogun. Together with these three, of course, we have to include kazuha. This showcase features zy0x with a complete guide for kazuha, including artifacts, team comps, and playstyle.

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