The Search for my Dad

A common concern among first-time dads is that they aren't quite sure how to be good fathers. They worry that they won't be able to provide for their children or know how to properly teach and care for them. They feel that they aren't emotionally equipped to create lasting, loving bonds with their children.

Young dads in our Dads Make a Difference Program who shared this concern pooled their talents and energies to create an innovative aid called The Search for My Dad: A Book for Dads & Kids to Read & Color Together.

This children's coloring book is an imaginative interactive tool which gives Dads eager to be better fathers a creative way to bond with their children and better prepare them for school. Praising the child for their good work, sharing thoughts about the pictures, and one-on-one playtime all create a wonderful bonding experience as well as lasting memories of the child's development.

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