Steering Committee

The Healthy Families Steering Committee is made up of parents who are current or past participants in the program. The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide comments and suggestions for program improvement. The Committee discusses the services needed in San Angelo and gives that information to the Community Coalition Committee.

The Steering Committee has lively discussions about everything concerning Healthy Families. Dinner is served at the meetings, and discussions are held in an informal setting. All are encouraged to speak, and most do!

Comments from Committee Members

"I like that Healthy Families works with men, too. Usually, we get left out."

"If it weren't for the skills we learned from Healthy Families, we wouldn't be together today."

"The skills we learned make sense. Then we talked about them and used them in everyday life--it all helped. At first it was difficult. Just remembering what the skills are. If we used them right away, yes, they were good. When we're really angry at each other it's harder, but we still use them."