Healthy Families San Angelo

Healthy Families San Angelo provides direct one-on-one support for young families in West Texas.  The families in our program have maternal ages from 14-20.  We are currently serving over 250 families in 18 counties.  Healthy Families works to change the odds for the families in our program and empower them to reach their goals. Healthy Families program support includes:

  • Financial Literacy 
  • Relationship Building
  • Physical and Cognitive Child Development 
  • Promoting Healthy Birth Spacing 
  • Education and Employment Support 

Healthy Families San Angelo has been serving families in West Texas since 1992 and is the only program in West Texas that provides family-centered father-inclusive programs; focusing on building stronger families for a stronger West Texas community.  Families who graduate from our program are:

  • Less likely to be on public assistance
  • More likely to end cycles of domestic violence
  • Children are less likely to end up in prison or juvenile detention
  • Children are more successful in early childhood programs 

Unfortunately, Texas leads the nation in second teen births, meaning that teenage mothers in Texas are more likely to have a second child as a teenager.  Healthy Families works to get teenage moms on track and moving forward.

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